Song of the Wooden Flute
by Fallingstar

The uses of the flute are many and strange
beyond explanation they perplex and range
from the white goblin's lair to Vori's deep frost
contact the guild and they'll tell you at cost.

The stories of the flute are mystic and deep
best meditated upon in your sleep
beware those who deny its arcane grey power
for the ranks of guild does grow by the hour.

The path of the flute is both twisted and hidden
only a master can chart all its ways when bidden
so take a deep breath and step into the abyss
and the flute will support you (if it doesn't miss)

The ways of the flute are cthonic but airy
strong and yet yielding, comforting but scary
all of the powers from the ends of the earth
that have guided you to it from your moment of birth.