Famous People
Most of you will have noticed some peculiar names popping up in Might & Magic 7. There are actually quite a few you can recognize, if you've been around. Enough to make a list, anyways. And maybe I even missed some ...
Name Place Who is it, then?
Tor Emerald Isle, blacksmith Thor, Viking god
Hadrian Harmondale, Basic Principles (trainer) Roman emperor
Rydric Harmondale (village), trader / Strange Temple 3DO Message Board moderator
Turgon Woodsplitter Harmondale (village), E Axe King of Gondolin (Tolkien's The Silmarillion)
Guthwulf Erathia (Steadwick) / Strange Temple 3DO Message Board moderator
Mathias Bearheart Erathia (Steadwick), knows about challenges Bear, regular poster on the boards
Sir Charles Quixote Erathia (Steadwick), Crusader/Hero promotions Don Quixote, Cervantes' windmill fighter
Tiberius Erathia, In Her Majesty's Secret Service Roman emperor
Christopher Erathia, Captain of the Lady Catherine Christopher Columbus
Norris Erathia (north village), G Unarmed Chuck Norris, the actor
Rainyn Rivencrest Tularean Forest, near stables Raina, regular poster on the boards
Inja Yew Tularean Forest (Pierpont), knows about pirates Regular poster on the boards
Robert Belknap T' Forest (Pierpont), trader / Strange Temple 'Belknap' replaces dirty words on the boards
Claudius Tularean Forest, The Proving Grounds Roman emperor
Halsey Tularean Forest, captain of the Sea Sprite Admiral "Bull" Halsey, WWII Fleet Commander
William Setag Deyja (William's Tower), Villain promotion Bill Gates of Microsoft
Jayce Kedrin Deyja (south village) Regular poster on the boards
Ferris Oxhide Deyja (south village) Regular poster on the boards
Harli Quinn Deyja (Moulder) Harlequin, historic figure even before Batman
Daedalus Falk Deyja (Moulder) Daedalus (Greek myth), built the Labyrinth
Kelli Hollyfield Bracada (village), E Bodybuilding Little sister of boxing champion Holyfield
Issaac Applebee Bracada, Expert Learning Isaac Newton, learned from dropping apples
Brand the Maker Bracada, G Plate Prince Brand of Amber, tried for a new world
Nero Celeste, Trial of Honor (training hall) Roman emperor without honor
Icarus Celeste, Hall of Dawn Son of Daedalus, flew to close to the sun
Sir Caneghem Celeste, advisor+E Blaster / Strange Temple John van Caneghem, producer of the game
Crag Hack Celeste, advisor+M Blaster First default character in Might & Magic
Robert the Wise Celeste, advisor, blaster guy Director of Startrek: the motion picture
Kahn The Pit, Perdition's Flame (trainer) Djenghis Kahn the conqueror
Crowley The Pit, Hall of Midnight Author of several books on dark magic
Evander Thomas Nighon (town), G Bodybuilding Evander Holyfield, boxing champion
Silk Quicktongue Nighon (town), G Disarm Silk, regular poster on the boards
Augustus Nighon, Applied Instructions (trainer) Roman emperor
Arvin Beneclowd Barrow Downs, trader Beancloud, regular poster on the boards
Thomas Moore Tatalia (swamp), M Repair Sir Thomas More (Utopia)
Theresa Tatalia (town), The Order of Tatalia Mother Theresa
Your Conscience Tatalia (swamp), boat schedule / Str Temple Regular poster on the boards
Flynn Arin Tatalia (town), E Sword Errol Flynn, the actor
Wacko Tatalia (town), boat schedule / Strange Temple Regular poster on the boards
Ferdinand Visconti Tatalia (town), seeks paintings King of Spain and Duke of Milan in one
Kaine Avlee (island), G Meditation Kwai Chang Caine, Shaolin priest (Kung Fu)
Infernon Avlee (Spaward), trader / Strange Temple Regular poster on the boards
Justinian Avlee, Avlee Gymnasium (training hall) Roman emperor
Gizmo Stone City, E Repair Item A friendly gremlin
Trip Thorinson Stone City, E Bodybuilding Son of Thorin Oakenshield (from The Hobbit)
Just_a_Brain Strange Temple Regular poster on the boards
King Luis Strange Temple 3do Community board moderator
Lord Roberts Strange Temple, blaster guy Regular poster, fansite-owner
Mephisto Strange Temple Regular poster on the boards
Peter "Zoop" Ryu Strange Temple Lead developer of Might & Magic
Corey NPC Prince Corwin of Amber, shadowwalker
Dara NPC Princess Dara of Chaos, seduced Corwin

And further ....

Note that both Celeste (Tir-na-noght, city in the sky) and The Pit (The Pit) also originate from Zelazny's Amber novels, as do in fact the Town Portal and Lloyd's Beacon spells (the trumps).
And there is a Prince of Amber named Caine, too; he killed Brand.
Further, Deyja means "death" in Icelandic, while the Red Dwarf mines are a spin-off of the space opera. The Vori feature in StarTrek: Voyager; they are masters of illusion.



The real world is reflected in Erathia in many ways. Thus, Heather Hughes walks around in Celeste dressed as a man and wearing a beard. And the name Bernadette is quite popular among the male NPC's. Wacko, however, is in a class all by his own. In Tatalia no-one would notice anything special about him, but when he enters the Strange Temple he shapeshifts into a beautiful young lady!