The advisors are in the game to support the adventurers on their quests, with knowledge and good advice.
They do have a will of their own.
Picture Name Background
The Seer of Vori lives in a hut halfway up a mountain near Larhana. In addition to the normal tasks of a Seer, like collecting lost quest items, Klaravoyia has special knowledge about the Barbarians and their gods.
Judge extraordinary
Until his sudden dismissal from the School of Judges, Viesis was trying the Tatalian Pirates that were brought in by Lord Markham. He still lives in Volee, not far from the Cheese Factory.
Watching the team suffer in their riddle match with the Sphynx, Leprechaun Haart came to their aid and rescued them from a horrible fate. He subsequently joined the party as an NPC.