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The Thing August 19, 2004
Nice, very nice, your site is better than Bones' site. Good show.
P.S.: The white goblin rules.
Ginger_Ale CivFanatics January 10, 2004
Great site Ribby :)
I like all the frames here and such...including the colors :)
Earl Grey Januari 3, 2004
Still coming here. Would never have made it to Vori but for the help from this page. :)
Can't wait for the Book of Ceth.
Yves September 21, 2003
Great site! I am learning more about M&Ms from here!
The Black Drake July 22, 2003
Impressive, very impressive.
Yaminoxi July 15, 2003
It's nice to see there are fans of M&M games more fanatical than me.
Klaravoyia (Klaravoyia) July 1, 2003
The only thing that I do not like about this site is that it is not mine. If only I could quit playing these games maybe I could work on mine sometime. You've done Good Rib!!!
Arturchix June 29, 2003
Nice site, keep up that spirit! :)
FlyingMino7 Celestial Heavens June 28, 2003
Hey nice site here I enjoyed reading everything. I never knew that there was that much stuff that I didn't know about MM7!
Seerinox February 7, 2003
Great job, Ribannah, I'm really impressed. The taverns are good, but this is awesome. Thanks for helping me get to Vori.
Anne Hodge October 31, 2002
This is the GREATEST Might & Magic site anywhere! Also such a pleasure to look at & read. I really appreciate the work you've done so artfully.
Thank you.
Old Rudi October 13, 2002
Followed Klara`s link and here I am. As an absolute fan of the M&M series I congratulate and thank you for bringing up so much effort by helping other players. I am 69 years of age, but not the wiser and can`t express myself the way I wish to do. Keep up the good work.
Didem September 23, 2001
Looks like many others have noted your hard work and creativity before me. Looks like I am in great company admiring your handiwork. I would love to have these skills where I work (though also technical skills are also demanded). This site is excellent and your creative energy is something to marvel at ... I wish for you very good luck, but I am thinking you will not need to rely on luck very much.
Scouse Git[1] Scouse Gits' Civilization February 7, 2001
How do you find time to be expert at (at least) two such different games? Congratulations on becoming an Apolyton Princess.
Vrank Prins November 7, 2000
Moet gezegd, mooie, goede site, 't is weer eens wat anders dan de dingen die je op de Apolyton-CIV-III site te melden hebt. Nooit versagen, altijd strijden !!
Jeff October 23, 2000
Great site, Rib. I think I will try that 100K game out. Impressed with the site design. It is good resume material if you keep improving it.
Freelightning May 21, 2000
I'm glad to meet you. You're doing a good job. Go on.
LadyHawke April 14, 2000
You know, you go away for a while and when you come back, the whole neighborhood has changed. Except, when you look closer, you see that it hasn't, really. There are new and exciting places to visit (this one, for example), but all your old friends are still there, hanging out, telling jokes, and generally having a good time. Good job, Rib!
Merlino April 10, 2000
A very good site for M&M fans. I like the "artistic" view and tales also! Like that one on Vori ... shall it be reality or fantasy?
Michael Reese (Michael Reese) April 6, 2000
Wanted to drop by and visit - one always like to know who others are and what they are about! Keep up the good work!!!
Kaptain Caveman (Kaptain Caveman) April 6, 2000
Very Kewl! Excellent work! :)
Loki_Hedengang the Halls of Valhalla April 5, 2000
This is the kewlest MM site I have seen sofare...
Keep up the good work..8}
Hades Titanus April 3, 2000
This is a great site!!! Indeed good news for MM fans.
Gwynn ap Nudd April 1, 2000
This is a very informative site. Keep up the good work!
PTAH Division Six March 14, 2000
Keep up the good work and your faith will be rewarded.
Idril March 9, 2000
Hey great site and keep helping people with both your site and your posts. Lots of cool stuff and obviously a lot of effort here. Thanks
Frederick The Wizard March 4, 2000
Charming, indeed. I love your stories!
Gunhed March 3, 2000
This would be the second time I enter this site. This is some place awesome to visit (if you want some challenge MM7). Keep up the good work and looking forward to your MM8 site.
Silk February 25, 2000
I'm pretty bad at signing guestbooks, I still haven't signed Lord Roberts', Cool Jerk's, Viking's or even Steve's so I thought I would getting started on yours and work around to everyone elses. Probably the hardest thing in MM8 is getting to Vori and you have made the task somewhat more difficult, hehe. Loved the site and reading all the lore that is associated with MM7, it is very well done. I hope to see additional items when we learn more about Jadame. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you around the traps, Silk
Parker Parker's Homepage February 22, 2000
Liked your site. Lots of interesting stuff.
Alien13UFO WWF e-fed February 22, 2000
Great tips on this page Rib. Can't wait for you to make an mm8 page. See ya all on the boards!!!
Josh Ginter February 21, 2000
Wonderful site, I will have to see if I can get to Vori. I still don't quite get it but nevertheless I'll try.
Rahşan February 16, 2000
I must say that it is a very informative site. Not too many photos too slow (this is what makes it so good) thanks...
from Turkey
Ian February 16, 2000
Excellent page. Wish I had found it earlier. Will try to visit Vori. Keep up the good work.
Jaha Thornheart February 12, 2000
A very good page. Send my regards to the white goblin (as donīt think I will meet him to much myself (o:
Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to your mm8 page!
Steve Soap February 10, 2000
Remember a legend never dies. This site is proof of a legend.
Pfurock February 8, 2000
GREAT SITE! I've thoroughly enjoyed perusing these well thought out pages. Good work, and thank you for your effort. I'll definitely be visiting again.
Daffy Doc February 8, 2000
A Great Rib!
Bobman February 4, 2000
While I STILL cannot get to Vori, I must admit I visit often. Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to see your MMVIII site!
Thunderfall Sid Meier's Civilization II Fanatics' Page January 31, 2000
Interesting site! I will visit your page more often once I start playing MM7... I am still immersed in the world of Enroth... killing those foul creatures.
LazySod January 31, 2000
Wow.. Awesome page. Makes me feel sorry for not visiting it earlier. Great work!
Fljotsdale January 31, 2000
Just thought I'd put my mark in here! Very nice site, Rib! Even better, now! 'wink'! ;o)
Rawn the Cleric January 21, 2000
Inform, Inspire, yes even Exhilarate. Your endeavour here is worthy of great acclamation! I pray you overcome all obstacles and defeat any who would challenge or corrupt you. Your vision is prophetic and virtuous. Thank you Ribannah,
Live long and prosper.
Mlipski January 17, 2000
Your propositions about MM8 are fine, but I prefer more levels in class i.q: 1. Normal (skill) 2. Adept 3. Expert 4. Master 5. GrandMaster. It's nice that you are a woman interested in RPG!
Bonik Umid January 16, 2000
Great Site... no words... Say hi to "White" "Goblin" from me.
Today I found out that I didn't sign ur page two months ago ;-[ which I could've done ;-]
Well... better late than never as they say.
P.S. U r awesome btw... :)
Elara January 12, 2000
A wonderful site, Ribannah, and lots of fun, not to mention mind expanding, lol. :)
Your incredible efforts here in detailing For Blood and Honor is much appreciated. Impressive, encouraging, and, challenging!
Lord Roberts Rapier's Chamber January 10, 2000
I finally made it - great work Ribannah, enjoyed it immensely. Still got some stuff to check out, but my time is limited - going to have to drop in again to finish.
Best of luck, and I'm sure this page will be a huge success.'
Sharky January 2, 2000
Great site keep it up :)
Stumbles December 31, 1999
G'day! Happy New Year from the land of OZ.
Jayce the Ranger Lord December 22, 1999
Cool site, keep up the good work!
Viking {Viking} December 19, 1999
Great looking site :-) I realllly can't wait to get my hands on MM7 :-)
Steve Jaqvaar Not The Boy From Madagascar December 10, 1999
Well, hello again, Sister Flautist! Good to see this site is getting better all the time. I really enjoy it here, a few more of you and we could probably make a White Goblin game with Grey Magic and, of course, plenty of flutes! :) 
Steve Jaqvaar, Musical And Ritual Adviser, Analyst Of Religious And Mythological Phaenomena With Specialty On Grey Magic Demonstrations On Message Boards, Guild Of The Wooden Flute, Silver Cove, Enroth.
BadMF December 10, 1999
Great, just great!!!!!
Just_A_Brain December 9, 1999
Nice looking page Rib! And the suggestion list for MM8 is great - 3DO should hire you :)
Lord Soth 2 Lord Soth MM7 webpage December 6, 1999
Hello I was signing for the comment that this websight is among the best in the mm7 community. Also she is a great help on the message board at the 3do site. If you have any questions about the game, she is the one to talk to.
Willy December 2, 1999
Un saluto dall'ITALIA
E' Un bel sito!!!
Aqua-Imp November 30, 1999
Hello Ribannah. This is the first time I met you (to should I say talk to you). My friends told me that you made "strategies" on getting to Vori. I am looking forward to see you "teaching" newbies to there. Nice job!
The White Goblin November 29, 1999
I knew you could do it, kiddo!
Can't wait to read all those stories about me :)
If you send someone to Vori, would you please ask to check on my statue? I can only hope that the Titans haven't taken it by now. And keep up the good work for the Guild of the Wooden Flute.